Sky Blue

Unique combination of sky simulation, forecast and Earth visualization. Smooth weather playback, ability to scroll around the world, breathtaking visuals and interface you already know.

  • one of a kind real-time, smooth sky and weather simulation that converts your iPhone or iPad into a window to the future
  • travel around the Earth and peak at locations presented all over it to get perspective on global time of day and weather conditions
  • enjoy visuals of the best games watching the flowing clouds, shining northen lights or gently falling snow
  • forecast more accurate than ever before thanks to intelligent weather data processing system
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The beauty of weather at your grasp

Get immersed in the beautiful, next generation world of realistic forecast simulation. Sit back and relax looking at the clouds passing by, moon shining in the dark or thunders dividing the horizon. Hit Play and enjoy the real-time animated forecast for upcoming days. Scroll around the Earth and browse through locations all over the world.

  • play the forecast at selected pace, freely jump between days or, if you want more info, explore the weather alerts and detailed conditions
  • get perspective on what happens around the world with the whole Earth at your hands and your locations presented all over it
  • combine the support for all locations around the planet with hardware compass and gyro and you get a unique visual compass and visual world clock

Beautiful and inspiring

  • experience the beauty of sunsets, full moons, snow gently falling, rainbows after the rain, fog forming on the horizon, northen lights and more
  • forget about cheap and space-consuming premade videos - Sky Blue simulation looks different every time and gets affected by changing weather and time

One of a kind experience

  • see how Earth travels around the sun, how selected location wakes up or fades into the darkness and how the weather change - all at the same time
  • care taken to realistically present phenomena like atmospheric scattering, wind impact, seaonally changing moon phases or sun and moon positions

As simple as tapping "play"

  • controls you already know: Sky Blue was designed to feel like a music player, the only difference is it plays upcoming forecast in addition to a good jingle
  • interface customized for iPhone and iPad keeps Sky Blue intuitive regardless of the device you use while making the most of available screen space and resolution
  • Sky Blue is an Universal app, so you get it for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with a single purchase - be sure check it out both on your phone and your tablet


Available since November 21, 2012 on platforms:

  • iPhone and iPad - for download through the AppStore

Blog Entries


First of all, think of Sky Blue like it's a weather edition of built-in Music app. The only difference is here locations are like albums and days are like songs.
Among others, this means that:

  • you can scroll through a day with the top scrollbar and quickly switch between days using the prev/next buttons
  • similar to Cover Flow view, the orbital view lets you browse through locations in a fancy and intuitive way
  • for locations around the planet, time is always presented in your time zone and not in location's time zone
  • buttons near the time scrollbar control the playback speed and camera mode

Camera modes

  • Auto: moves automatically and tries to catch interesting elements of the scene
  • Manual: follows your touch on the screen, auto-triggered on finger drag
  • Gyro: shows direction corresponding to device orientation and reflects real-world sun and moon positions


Forecast that needs your attention due to weather alerts is indicated with an exclamation mark - touch it to reveal more details. Round info button appears if specific forecast contains no such alerts.
You can control alerts via the settings pane.


Thanks to my family and friends for their support - this crazy project couldn't happen if not for you. Special thanks go to my father for believing in the project along the long way of its creation.

Thanks to Apple for making iPhones and iPads, for creating great developer tools and for supporting the OpenGL technology, without which this app would be only able to play some dull, stock videos.

Sky Blue is based on a proprietary Cloudless Engine, a multiplatform engine optimized for rendering of nature.

Sky Blue uses the YR.NO weather service data, which is available here and the WorldWeatherOnline geolocation service available here.

Zappo's Mellow Tints album pieces are used for the background music. These great tracks are available here.

Weather icons come from the free Climacons pack available here. Bar icons come from the free Glyphish pack available here.

Sky Blue: Atmospheres

This video proves that Sky Blue is a truly calming experience. Sit back and relax looking at the beauty of nature that Sky Blue can generate for you on iPhone and iPad.

Using song Intro by Zappo.

Sky Blue: Passages

Check out this unique planetary version of Cover Flow and QuickLook. Travel across time and space in the 10-day journey around the planet generated by Sky Blue.

Using song ΕΣΟΠΤΡΟΝ by About.