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Cloudless Studio focuses on creating Apple iPhone & iPad apps available via AppStore and web apps available online.

Mission, goals and all smart theories

Technology as a glimpse of sophistication - simplicity as its embodiment.

This sentence, derived from famous Da Vinci's quote, became the mission statement for my company. It stands for three things: my apps being as simple as possible, their use of modern technology and, most of all, users feeling the harmony between these two often exclusive features.

Despite their novelty, projects always put end users in the middle - ease of access and fun of use that they feel. Projects are backed up with some cutting-edge visuals and, when applicable, even soundtrack.
How I achieve it depends on platform:

Web applications

Web applications

Whenever I create a wesite, I pay most attention to client's industry and needs while understanding that they rarely know exactly how their web app should look or function like.

Using a number of modern technologies, I can satisfy any unusal custom needs. The more unusal they are, the better.

iOS Applications

iOS applications

In case of my iOS applications, I try not to overload apps with functions while taking care of little details. Full power of these devices is utilized by packing beautiful 3D graphics - but only to the point where it serves usable purpose for users.

Combined with web app integration this results in simple and memorable apps that perfectly fit into currently emerging Web 3.0 world.

One picture is worth more than...

In order to see how I put these lofty ideas into action, take a look at the website exposition and the app catalog. You can also learn more about my custom-deal website and app work on the Services page.


Cloudless Studio is available on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. If you're interested in my apps or in topics I discuss on the blog, be sure to follow me on these platforms and connect with me through comments there.

The support system's form included in footer is the fastest way to contact with me, but if you don't want to use it, here are all kinds of company's whereabouts:

E-mail: karol@cloudless.pl

Phone number: +48 605 372 788

NIP-PL: 637-20-96-749
REGON: 122516290


My name's Karol Słuszniak, born in 1987 in Poland. Twenty four years later, I founded Cloudless Studio just after graduating AGH University of Science and Technology. My motivation for starting it was mainly based on the passion I have for computer design, programming and for possibility of reaching people's feelings through carefully crafted bits of software.

Karol Słuszniak walking

Karol Słuszniak at work

Programming skills

Coding is a journey, which I take since my memory goes. Below I describe its two aspects and their execution in my case.


Linguistically, I went from DOS batch and BASIC programming, through some Pascal, some more Linux/Bash scripting, a little Python, ending bored with nothing fancier than C/C++. That's of course before I found Ruby and Objective-C. By Ruby I was seduced because of its simplicity and elegance, which - in combination with design knowledge and Ruby On Rails power - allowed me to take on creating functionally sophisticated, yet simple and accessible web applications.

Playing Xbox

At the same time, driven by love to video games, I started with Click&Play and GaemsFactory as a kid and scratched a surface of SDL much later. Finally, fascinated by 3D scene, I dived into serious world of powerful 3D asset creation and animation tools such as Cinema4D, SketchUp or Poser and equally powerful OpenGL library along with its GLSL shading language. Packing it with Objective-C and Cocoa allows achieving truly astonishing results on iOS mobile devices.


I like some bone-stretching after hours of computer work. Expecially during summer, when I often play football (soccer), walk in the mountains or get drunk with water breeze, either through sailing or kayaking. I also enjoy tasting best brands of beer - expecially dark. And its both inside and out - nothing tastes better than good beer with friends and a lake nearby.


As a video games fan, I own quite a wide collection of Xbox360 games, most of which are all kinds of RPGs and jRPGs. Most recently, I've been gazing for hours at night sky above Skyrim. You can also find me playing some FIFA on Xbox Live from time to time - whenever we meet there, your challenge will be accepted!

Feel invited to visit my personal Facebook profile and LinkedIn account. Still, I prefer to tweet via single personal/company Twitter profile (@CloudlessStudio) so that's where you'll find largest collection of my updates.


Through my entire life, I was touched by the beauty of nature. Hard part was figuring out how to combine this affection with the thing I do best - writing code. Then happened my graduation work and it all just clicked. I choose to research modern sky rendering techniques and implement them on iOS mobile platform. I knew I could handle such project thanks to few smaller iOS apps I wrote earlier and efficiency researches I conducted on the iOS platform.

That's how Cloudless Engine came to life. It was written by me from scratch in C++ and OpenGL ES with a little Cocoa Touch, which allowed me to gather some experience with 3D graphics and mobile programming. It also became a foundation of my application publishing efforts that followed.

For those interested, I've made an amateur promo movie, which is available on YouTube since my graduation.

First iteration of sky rendering engine: First iteration of Cloudless engine