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This blog allows me to share with you my experiences and challenges which I face as programmer and technology enthusiast every day.

  • technologies like Cocoa Touch, OpenGL, Ruby on Rails, CSS and jQuery
  • subjects related to Apple iOS platform and AppStore

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Published about 9 years ago
Category: News

Down Wind is up!

With this simple, free browser game's release, our app library is no longer empty. Made in just a few days, it's not as ambitious as we hope our future apps will be, but it gives a good taste of how CS aims towards beautiful and simple apps.

Published almost 9 years ago
Category: Web design

TextMate vs Coda vs Komodo Edit vs Sublime Text 2

I present a comparison of Ruby on Rails editors. I've always enjoyed reading similar comparisons so, after having my chance to use TextMate, Coda, Komodo and Sublime Text for Ruby on Rails 3 development, I've decided to add my five cents into discussion.


Published about 8 years ago
Category: My apps

Moonlight - 10 weeks later

Time has come for a summary of the first ten weeks that Moonlight had spent on the AppStore. I present the amount of downloads and all user reviews posted on the AppStore. I promise to take a heroic attempt at not bragging too much.


Published about 9 years ago
Category: Web design

Translating models, views and routes using Rails I18n API

As I've recently finished localizing this very website, I've had my chances to play with Rails i18n API. Now it's time to draw some conclusions about what's hot and what's not about it.

Published over 8 years ago
Category: Web design

The misery of meta viewport tag

Creating a mobile site layout requires not only an additional CSS file but also a viewport meta tag to specify the scale and width of the site on mobile screens. The problem arises when you add iPads and other tablets to the collection...

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