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Sky Blue available on the AppStore!

The application got approved by Apple last night, and a few hours later it was available for sale in the AppStore. From now on, you no longer have to rely on video recordings - anyone can test it on their own iPhone or iPad. More about the approval below.

The submission process took 5 days, so I was rather lucky considering that according to Average AppStore Review Times, the average at the time I submitted my app was 8 days.

But I was truly lucky considering the app made it through the review on the first submission. I had my doubts about some possible collisions with the Apple's Guidelines here and there, but it seems everything was OK after all. Or the reviewer was feeling merciful :)
The christmas time is coming and soon app submission will get crazy long or simply impossible so thanks Apple for not making my life harder!

Now for the selling, expect a full-blown video trailer released soon. And yes, you suspect right - those two videos from the last post were just a warm-up for the task. By the way, these videos made their way to the product page too.

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