The first client's web application almost done

The order came from local mobile wash company, which wanted to make it easier for their clients to order services via internet. This app is a great example of how we approach client requests for custom-tailored apps.

The client company didn't have any website yet, so we were expected to create it from scratch, which included some major things to do:

  1. First of all, plan the website as an integrated solution with a way for company to communicate with their clients (both ways) and provide clients with unique, attractive and easy means to spend money on company's services
  2. Next, design page layout and visuals taking into account the client company's mission, themes (ecology and accessibility), logo (with two main colors) and wash industry among others.
  3. And finally, code the web app's models, views and controllers, taking care of basic functionality (simple blog, admin logging) as well as custom elements (service order calendar, intelligent mailers).
  4. Lastly, take care of proper production deployment on Heroku (fast web server, custom domain), integration with required external services (Google Apps, Facebook) and instructing the client about how to use all of the goodness at his hand.

The app is available online at and it's in Polish only due to client's local service range. I plan to post more details about this app's most interesting aspects.


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